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What if I get really sick, get cancer, or have a heart attack and my medical bills are hundreds of thousands of dollars, how will I pay those bills? Will I lose my house? Will I go bankrupt?

Medicare is so confusing, and I don’t know what to do.

How do I know what Medicare coverage will be best for me? What is the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare supplemental coverage? What does Original Medicare cover? What doesn’t Original Medicare cover? How does a Medicare Supplemental policy cover me 100%?

I am turning 65 in six months and I am getting calls several times a day, every day, from total strangers and getting things in the mail from everyone. I don’t know who they are.

They don’t let me ask any questions.

If I ask a question, they don’t answer, they just keep talking very fast and tell me I have to buy their policy right now. I don’t feel comfortable giving all my personal information to a total stranger.


My goal is to make Medicare simple and easy to understand. Together, we will choose the best plan for you.

We will review coverage options available in your area, across all 50 states.

Your specific needs are considered when choosing coverage. A variety of plan options exist for every health care need.

Long Term Care and Final Life Expense coverage can still be attained at any age, across all 50 states.

We will review many options for Dental, Vision, and Hearing coverage.

You can choose a Medicare plan that covers cancer or choose from additional cancer coverage options. There are also additional options for heart attack and stroke coverage.

As your Medicare agent, I stay up-to-date with Medicare changes and I make sure you have the best coverage at the best price.

I act in a fiduciary capacity, meaning I am bound ethically to act in your best interests.

Many people who enroll in Medicare when they turn 65 just keep the coverage that they were originally signed up for. They never hear from the person who enrolled them and they do not know how to get in touch with them since they likely do not even know their name.

As with any insurance, it’s important to keep up with changes to coverages and premiums. With Medicare, it is vital to have an agent representing you who is knowledgeable about all of the changes happening in the world of Medicare. This means, it’s also important to keep in contact with your Medicare insurance agent, especially after you’ve enrolled. A proper agent will keep you updated on any changes to your Medicare coverage, policies, and premiums as well as making sure you’re aware of your renewal date. In order to get the most out of your Medicare policy, have an agent who proactively looks out for your health coverage.

I want to be your Medicare agent to look out for your health, wellbeing, and wallet.

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Options for Seniors

If you are turning 65, we can help you understand Medicare and your supplemental options to secure 100% coverage for life. Call us today so we can complete a free review of your current health insurance.


How we can help you

Our goal is to explain the Medicare enrollment process and your available Medicare supplemental options. We are independent advisors whose job is to help you. All of our agents are licensed Medicare specialists.


Our Commitment to Quality

We look forward to speaking with you and explaining the entire Medicare enrollment process. We're here to answer all of your questions and make sure you understand Medicare Part A and Part B and all of your Medicare supplement options. We can help you make the right decisions that will provide you with the best coverage for the rest of your life.


Not just your average agent

Medicare is important, in most cases you’re receiving lots of calls and this entire process is new. We don’t work with any specific company and can see all the plans available to you in your area. Let us guide you through what's best.

“Harold contacted me in January of the year I was to become eligible for Medicare. I confirmed his status as an expert in the field and turned my Medicare arrangements over to him. As a result, I was all set in May, which is the month I became eligible to enroll. His work was critical because I needed the Medicare and supplemental coverage that very month. Had I been left to my own devices, there’s no assurance I would have secured the coverage I needed. I strongly recommend his expertise. His efforts protected me from what would have been a serious problem. I have every confidence in him.”

- Jim Sylvester


Our Plans

Tips and Fundamentals


The Fundamentals of Medicare (A + B)

All of our agents are licensed Medicare specialists. We are independent advisors whose job is to help you and teach you about Medicare Part A and Part B.

Part D Prescription Drugs

We will continue to work with you to help you understand and get enrolled in your Medicare Part D for your prescription drug coverage.

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Medicare Supplements

We will advise you as to all of the Medicare supplemental options available in your state and review what will work best for your individual needs.

We take care of you and check back on you every 6 months to assure your satisfaction.

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